Sitemap - 2023 - Admired Leadership Field Notes

Praise Without the “But” Is the Best Reinforcer

Bravery in Leadership

Ratings Versus Rankings

Communicating With Those We Like and Care About After Termination

Helping Others Combine and Apply Their Strengths

Leaders Who Overfish

Blink and You Lose

An Interpretation of Life

Insight From Contradiction

Seeking Feedback About Your Feedback

No One Left Behind

How Much Will Your Organization Change?

Reducing the Negative Grip of Gossip

Getting People to Talk

Waiting for a Situation to Play Out

What Team Leaders Can Learn From Cults

Track Conversations Before Sales Growth

The Question That Defines Trust for Leaders

How Leaders Help to Create Brilliant Jerks

Disrespect Between Colleagues Can Derail the Team

Select Wisely From the Menu of Criticism

Did You Give Your Brain a Workout Today?

Learning From the Shadow

When to Take a Bigger Risk

Good Leaders Don’t Allow Meeting Spectators

Who Are You Giving a Halo To?

Turning Problems Into Opportunities

Words That Are Designed to Silence

Pick a Character Trait to Work On

Are Great Leaders Charming?

Self-Importance Can Lead to Unintentional Insults

Make Individual Performance Transparent to the Team

When It Comes to a Critical Choice, Ask an Equally Critical Question

Developing an Ethic of Accountability

How Many Roberts Do You Know?

Waiting for Inspiration

Lubricating the Mind and Body Before Performance

Taking Charge Is Not About Getting Your Way

Gather a Piece of Everyone You Admire

Learning to Think on Your Feet

The Tyranny of the Vocal But Minor Voice

Organizing Meetings Around Questions Instead of Topics

People Who Project Their Own Flaws Onto Others

In Search of More Gamma Brainwaves

Where Do Leadership Instincts Come From?

Testing for Grit

Creating Separation Between Back-to-Back Meetings

The Hidden Jeopardy of Expected Rewards

Getting Others Comfortable With Disagreement

A Salute Returning a Salute

Designating an Angel’s Advocate

Are You a Should or Could Leader?

How Leaders Overestimate and Underestimate Their Own Brain Power

Upward Feedback or Complaint?

When a Colleague’s Ideas Are Repeatedly Ignored

Do You Think-to-Talk or Talk-to-Think?

Creating Bookend Routines

Team Celebration Is the Glue That Binds People Together

The Right Leader for the Challenge

The Skills Required Before Accountability

Energizing the Team That Faces Repetitive Tasks and Travel

Leaders Can Put Too Much Faith in Personality Diagnostics

Leading Those Who Rationalize Poor Performance

Once Interrupted, Give It Your Full Attention

The Order of Warmth and Competence for Leaders

Bringing Those From Another Culture Into the Conversation

The Failure to Hide Negative Judgments

When the Goalposts Move

Navigating the “What Happened?” Conversation

When the Team Has to Vote

Great Leaders Create Happiness to Make Themselves Happy

Some People Only Respond to Thunder

A Team That Stares at the Problem Statement

Rate Your Feedback Culture

Be Careful Not to Punish Competence

The Secret to Leading Inexperienced Team Members

The Reason Not to Have a Team Meeting

Don’t Take a Breath in a Brainstorm

Taming the Need to Control

Turning Praise Into Encouragement

Getting Candidates to Talk About Their Weaknesses

Skill and Will

Balancing Defense and Offense

Why Everything Depends on Setting the Right Priorities

Hand Signs Between Trusted Colleagues

Are You My Fan?

Saving Up Criticism

30 Million Words

The Rotten Apple

Do Less With Excellence

Ask Your Leader to Reach Down With Praise

Burned by People Too Many Times

The Five Languages of Praise

Make the Charitable Assumption

Thank You for Your Candor

How Resilient Is Your Team?

Replace Improvement Decisions With Hard-and-Fast Rules

Writing the Last Scene First

What Are You Amazed By?

What Makes an Experience Special?

Are You Unknowingly Addicted to Hedges and Disclaimers?

The Challenge for Aging Leaders and Thinkers

Tackling What Is Most Urgent First

Breaking the Ice

The Importance of Execution Technique

Tom Brady and the Act of Signing Autographs for Teammates

Your True Priorities Are Reflected by How You Spend Time

Holding Up the Minor Voice

The Question to Pose After Painful Leadership

Gauging the Conviction of Those Who Advocate

The Availability Heuristic and the Power of Review

Managers Who Quit Soon After Promotion

The Relational Affirmation of Positive Surprise

How Quiet Is Your Workspace?

When Sharing the Vision, Show People What’s in It for Them

Leaders Who Make Lightning-Quick Decisions

Learning a Person’s Backstory Creates a Powerful Connection

Ask the Audience to Experience Your Message Directly

Helping Others Achieve Mastery

Focusing Feedback on What Others Are Capable Of

The Price of Leadership

When Leaders Themselves Are Defensive to Feedback

When Asking for Advice Is the Highest Form of Respect

Why Overweighing Loyalty to People Can Lead to Horrific Decisions

Is It the Leader or the Team That Needs to Be Admired?

When Criticizing, Good Leaders Separate the Person From the Opinion

Why a Reputation for Fairness Makes Feedback More Impactful

Colleagues Who Push a Point Too Far

Making the Most of One-on-One Meetings With Team Members

Bring People Along With Your Thinking

A Decision Owner Stops Colleagues From Stonewalling

Navigating the Tension of Competing Values

When Ambition Gets in the Way

Will Artificial Intelligence Make Us Lazy Thinkers?

The Art of Setting Deadlines

Are Your Performance Measures Current?

The Overwhelming Allure of the Status Quo Bias

Why Are Some Leaders Praise Stingy?

Making Presentations Razor Sharp

Does Your Team Have Vision Fatigue?

Name Parts of Your Day

Training for the Hardest Things

Competing Goals Are the Source of Many Group Conflicts

No One Is Too Junior to Have the Best Idea

What Does It Really Mean to Lead by Example?

The Team’s Willingness to Help Others Learn

Leading at the Rock Face

Inside Every Leader Is a Better One

Machiavelli Got This Right

Start the Work Before You Get the Assignment

Not Invented Here

The Difference Between Fact, Opinion, and Truth

Prove an Opportunity Is Worth Pursuing

Forgiveness and Accountability Go Hand-in-Hand

Give Negative Thoughts a Positive Ending

Short and Sweet Tastes Better

Use Reverse Q&A to Learn What’s Really Going On

Unwavering Optimism During Extremely Challenging Times

Team Members Who Turn Off Their Cameras During Virtual Calls

End-User Engagement Is the Best Proof of Progress

Sometimes a Key Fact Alters the Decision

The Unusual Way We Protect Self-Image

The Five Levels of Trust

Developing the Superpower of Curiosity

Why Power Corrupts

When a Situation Calls for Tough Love

Do I Have to Be a Jerk to Succeed?

The Power of Repeated Words

Listen Like You’re Wrong

Avoid the Drama and the People Who Live for It

Change Always Creates Opportunity

Always on the Search for Talent

Let Me Remind You Why This Isn’t a Democracy

Holding Others Accountable Starts With the Leader

Ask a Better Question

Leaders Don’t Tell Jokes

Keep Your Eye on the Reverse Gap

Promote Yourself Without Promoting Yourself

Agile Leaders Rely on a Network of Experts to Make Faster Decisions

Leaders Interrupt Bias Whenever They See It

The Secret That Isn’t

A Good Strategy Is Always Evolving

There Is Always Something You Can Do About It

For Leaders, the Opposite of Belief Is Never Disbelief

Leaders Who Hedge Before Admitting the Answer Is No

The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Problems

Learn to Park Ideas for Later

The Fatigue of High Standards When Selecting Talent

A Shift in Your Leadership Mindset Is Critical for Promotion

When Things Look Grim, Be Quick to Accept the Downside

Let Your Team Members Select the Song

No One Is Too Senior to Be Wrong

Don’t Delay an Obvious Decision

Urging Team Members to Play More Aggressively

The Unique Way We Do Things Around Here

Practice Team Improvisation to Improve Execution

Symbolism and Forrest Gump Point

After a Team Defeat, Be a First Responder

How to Scale Leadership Across an Organization

Fail Small, Fail Early

Ground Rules That Promote Open Discussion

How Organization and Team Cultures Are Defined by Status

The Benefits of Two-in-a-Box Leadership

Challenging a Strong First Impression

The Spark of Being True to Yourself

Restraining the Optimism That Leads to the Planning Fallacy

Creating More Emphasis Vocally

The LEGO Critical to Your Organization’s Success

What Does It Mean for My Team to Win Today?

When Multiple People Are Accountable to the Same Problem or Outcome

Always Practice the Details Prior to Performance

Let People Discover Your Strengths

Why Everyone on the Team Matters

The Flaw of Selecting People Before Deciding on Strategy

Levels of Consensus

How Can We Improve Our Judgment?

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Behind the Desire for Promotion

On Becoming More Aware

Body Language and the Search for Hidden Meaning

Don’t Let Your Family Down

The Pecking Order of Culture, Strategy, and Talent

The Invisible Power of Trust Between Teammates

High Potential for What, Exactly?

Prepare Upstream for a Major Decision

On Becoming a More Courageous Leader

Admired Leaders Are a Rare Combination of Results and Followership

When Leaders Reduce Their Status, People Tell Them the Truth

Make It Easy for Others to Comply

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Team Leaders Should Not Be the Only Ones With Coaching Assignments

Recognize the Team or the Individual Contributors?

First Take Something Positive Away

Teams Learn to Ignore Leaders Who Chase Fads

Investing in What Matters to People

The Norm of Who Gets to Advocate in Team Discussions

The Best Reference Anyone Can Receive or Give

When Decisions Aren’t Reversible

Listening for What Doesn’t Get Said

Pride of Craft Is Unequaled Pride

The Sacrifice Every Great Leader Makes

The Intangible Quality That Defines the Highest Talent

Praise and Encouragement Are Not the Same Thing

Coping With the Loneliness of Leadership

Say More

What Is the Ideal Team Size for Getting Things Done?

Not All Good Ideas Can Be Executed

Leaders Can Always Make a Bad Decision Worse

Having the Hardest Conversations Requires the Deepest Caring

Ask Everyone to Come Prepared to Meetings, Including Yourself

Strengthening the Skill of Pattern Recognition

Trust People by Giving Them the Toughest Assignments

Frozen Knowledge Can Be Deadly

Playing With People Better Than You

Taking Full Advantage of Business Trips

Teaching Quality Through Exemplars

Asking a Crafty Question Upward Can Carry an Indirect Punch

Believing in People Before They Believe in Themselves

Learn to Separate the Problem From the Symptom

Vividly Describe the Ideal Candidate

When You Lose Passion for the Work

What If Character Were a Skill You Could Develop?

A Leader’s Relationship With Decisions

What Is Team Chemistry, Anyway?

300 Passes

The Confidence of Stretching Others

The Sneaky Way Productive Leaders Procrastinate

Leaders Who Succeed Wake Up and Run

Treat Your Leader as a Coach

Look for Passionate Advocates When Consensus Is Impossible

Promoting Intrinsic Motivation

Leaders Who Pretend to Agree

Leaders Who Overshare

Save Your Hardest Questions for Recruits

The Right Leader for the Right Challenge

When You Report to an Idiot

Lower Your Voice to Get Heard

The Easy Way to Do It

Bad News Comes From You First

Is Contemporary Leadership Advice Really Just B.S.?

I Really Dislike One of My Team Members

Leaders Who Yell and Ridicule on Purpose

If You’re Not Elaborating, You’re Not Listening

Who Knew We Were in Violent Agreement?

Co-Creating Organizational Change

Leading Colleagues Older and More Experienced Than You Are

The Wheels of Team Alignment

Staying in Touch With Alumni

If Only I Had Seen This Situation Before!

I’m Bad With Names

Thinking in First Principles

Projected Confidence Does Not Always Come From the Inside

Colleagues Who Don’t Pull Their Weight

Widening the Circle of Congratulations

When Conflict Isn’t What It Seems

How Different Are We, Really?

Leaders Who Don’t Lead

Some Leaders Don’t Fit the Culture

When Delay Makes You Wrong

Leaders Bring the Weather

Sometimes a Team Just Needs a Win

Revoke a Bad Decision Publicly

Smart Versus Wise

The Inescapable Metaphor of Baseball

Problems That Arise Gradually or How to Boil a Frog

Managing a Prima Donna

You Don’t Work for Me

When Teams Are Not Really Teams

Don’t Call It a Pilot Program

When Personal Identity and Performance Become the Same Thing

Good Reasons to Withhold the Truth

Respecting Other People’s Time

Jumping to Conclusions About People

The Case Against Dirty Empowerment

Resist Emotional Reasoning

Getting People to Talk Candidly in Meetings

Rituals That Signal Heightened Performance Focus

Saying Yes More Slowly Will Allow You to Say No More Often

Triggers Are Essential for Changing Habits

Certifying Skills for Entry-Level Team Members

How You Make People Feel About Their Contribution

The Teaching Moment of Applying Values to Problems

Why Confidence Shrinks When Dealing With Senior Leaders

Overcoming Disappointment With Resolve

Preparing for a Big Moment

When the Search for the Right Answer Isn’t a Search

The Timing of Feedback After Success and Failure

All or Nothing Means I’m Always Right

Resignations Can Become Contagious

The Lost Art of the Handwritten Note

Good Leaders Never Mistake Kindness for Weakness

Win More Often by Not Trying To

Social Media Creates an Echo Chamber for Leaders

Overthinking Is Exhausting

Taking Charge Without Taking Charge

Talking to Leaders When They Fall Out of Favor

The Ivy Lee Method for Personal Productivity

The Way You Speak to Yourself Matters

People Are Always Talking About Me

Why Team Objectives Matter More Than Team Goals

Dealing With High-Maintenance Team Members

When to Give People a Second Chance

Making a Bad Decision to Avoid the Agony of Complaint

Expertise Is a Matter of Context

Stop Fishing for Compliments

Busting the Myth of Leadership Expertise

How the Best Hotels in the World Deliver Exceptional Service

How Colleagues Are Terminated Really Matters

The Habit of Summarizing Conversations

Identifying the Talent You Can’t See

Challenging People to Think

The Highest Compliment a Leader Can Receive

Identifying Mediocre People in the Recruiting Process

Why the Word Partner Carries So Much Weight

Developing Skills Through Job Rotation

When Excluded, Ask the Question

Setting Aside Resources for Small Bets

Practice Mental Toughness Every Day

Knowing the Details of Those You Lead

Making the Complex Simple Takes Talent

Size Really Matters

Keep an Eye on the Fringe

Unreasonable Leaders Reframe What Is Possible

How to Become a More Approachable Leader

How Exactly Do You Spend Your Time?

Resolve to Read Complex Stories More Often