Sitemap - 2022 - Admired Leadership Field Notes

The MacGyver Method for Creative Problem Solving

Those Who Retire a Decade Before They Retire

Candid Review Feedback Requires Anonymity

Top-Down Decision Making Is Old School

Connecting the Shared Passions of Team Members

Leaders Don’t Always Take Yes for an Answer

The Preferred Gift of Leaders

The Successful Routines of Your Team’s Elite Performers

Team Members Who Excel Most at Managing UP

Leaders Who Trade in Loyalty

Withholding Praise on Purpose

Stop Arguing With People Who Already Agree With You

When Your Leader Is Most Influenced by the Last Conversation

The Strategic Humor of Ronald Reagan

Replay an Amazing Success

Leading Those Who Can’t Tolerate Ambiguity

Support the Personal Goals of Those You Lead

Overcoming the Doubters

Encouraging Referrals From Customers and Clients

Build Something From Every Project

The Optimism of Relentless Pursuit

Don’t Pay a Bad Mood Forward

Teasing People to Send a Message

The Defensive Attribution of Poor Performers

How Do I Get a Seat at the Table?

The White Knight Rides Again

When a Disgruntled Colleague Infects the Team

Why Are the Smartest People Such Poor Listeners?

Leaders Who Find Fault

What’s Taking You So Long to Decide?

Why Incompetent People Are Promoted in Organizations

Is Everything Okay?

When Disagreement Creates Trust

Leaders Who Hold the Floor Too Long

You Suffer From the Verbal Virus, Am I Right?

Is Brevity Always a Virtue?

Are Good Leaders Equal or Fair?

Moving the Set Point of Happiness

If You Could Read My Mind

It’s What You Don’t Say When Giving Feedback

Inoculating the Team Against the Threat of a Downturn

The Gap Between How You Feel About Others and How You Make Them Feel

Where Does Willpower Come From?

The Chilling Effect of Strong Reactions

Colleagues Threatened by High Performers

Great Slides, Bad Decision

Failure to Launch

What Leaders Do First in a Crisis Defines Them

Are You a Lamp, Lifeboat, or Ladder?

Where Are You Most Inspired?

Teaching Others How to Compete

Deciding the Desired Outcome of Meetings Before They Begin

The Beta of Data

When Leaders Withdraw an Existing Reward

Increasing the Odds of a Windfall

I’m a Good Person on the Inside

Protecting Against Hubris

The Recency Bias of Performance Reviews

Reframing Nervous Energy

Embracing the Paradoxes of Leadership

You Can’t Unring the Bell

Excellence Somewhere Else

Have You Told Them?

You Can Never Be Too Good

When Someone Benefits From the Problem

Should We Encourage Lame Duck Colleagues to Stick Around?

How Will This Decision Make Me Look

The Abilene Paradox or Why False Consensus Is a Problem

Invoking Mount Olympus

Proactive Strategy or Self-Defeating Prophecy?

Go Fast or Go Far

Colleagues That Shop Decisions

That Is Not Who I Am

Colleagues Who Leave Because of High Expectations

Versatility Is Required for Mastery

Transition Versus Termination

The Best Way to Learn Is to Teach

Some People Avoid You Because They Owe You an Apology

When Others React Emotionally

Wickedly Predicting the Unintended Consequences of Decisions

Not Responding Is a Loud Response

The Distinction of an Inquiry-Based Conversation

Deleting Information Often Draws More Attention to It

What If Your Goal Was Learning and Not Performing?

Communication Design Gets More Important Every Day

The Obligations of Leadership

You Can’t Talk Yourself Out of a Problem You Behaved Your Way Into

Answering a Question With a Question

Getting a Word In When Senior Colleagues Present

What Shape Is Your Conference Table?

Giving Up at Precisely the Wrong Moment

A Closet Full of Bad Paintings

Surround Yourself With People Who Have It

The Pain of Exclusion Is Real

The Power of a Shared Leadership Experience

The Disproportionate Influence of Quiet Leaders

When Aspirations Don’t Line Up With Skill

Living in the Future

Refuse to Be Disrespected

Breaking Down Organizational Silos

Getting Juniors to Speak Up

What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

Lean Into Disagreement

Developing a Patient Urgency

Excellence Through Persuasive Persistence

Our Greatest Fear Is Looking Bad in the Eyes of Others

The Underdog Mentality

Complacency Kills

For the Gamblers Among Us

The Invitation Says You Count, Not the Going

Not Invented Here

The Baby-Faced Assassin

Grateful People Learn Differently

We Most Support Change That We Co-Create

Rekindling a Relationship That Has Gone Cold

Receptivity to New Ideas Is the Real Problem

Act Brave to Be Brave

What Is Your Favorite Emotion?

Ignore Competitors When Setting Strategy

What Do You Value in Others?

Why People Overpromise

Are Your Greatest Weaknesses Also Your Greatest Strengths?

Open Communication Upward Relies on a Balance of Power

Extracting the Promise of Accountability

Parallelism and Making Ideas Memorable

Doing Your Homework About How the Business Works

We Like Leaders Who Amplify Our Strengths

The X Factor of Humility

Small Promises, Small Lies

Divide and Conquer the Knottiest Problems

Giving the Proverbial Kick-in-the-Pants Pep Talk

Never Kiss a Fool

Innovation Requires Irreverence

The Real Reason Good Leaders Take Vacations

Spin the Dominant Voice

A Formula for Leadership Optimism

The Difficult Marriage Between Trust and Respect

When Fire Drills Happen Every Day

Dilemmas Are Problems That Never Get Resolved

One of the Greatest Sports Broadcasters of All Time

Great Cultures Are Prideful Cultures

The Myth of Respect Through Fear

The Secret Decoder Ring and Strong Cultures

The Secret Sauce for Promotion Decisions

Getting Others to Ask for Help When They Need It

Excuse Me, But I Wasn’t Finished Speaking

Build the Plane While Flying It

Expand Your Crystallized Experience

Knowing What Really Matters

Reading People When You Have Limited Information

When an Audience Makes Matters Worse

Too Far Is Just as Bad as Too Close

Learning to Agree to Disagree

The Personal Urgency to Achieve

The Best Revenge Is to Prove Them Wrong

What Senior Team Members Want But Won’t Ask For

Please Stop Multi-Communicating

Why Good People Act With Malice

Passion Comes in Two Flavors

When Praise Matters Most

Servant Leadership Is a Great Idea That Doesn’t Really Work

Break the Spell of the Tell

Recommitting to the Fundamental Practice of Listening

Fight Bureaucracy Wherever You Find It

Creating Extraordinary Followership

Does the Candidate Fit?

The Power of the Reset Button

Meet People Where They Are

When Making Excuses Becomes a Problem

Play With Energy Not Emotion

Use Checklists to Ask Team Members to Grade Themselves

Sometimes Leaders Get Tossed From the Game on Purpose

My Criticism Is the Highest Compliment I Can Pay You

Why Are Job Titles So Important to People?

Does Extraordinary Success Require the Ultimate Sacrifice?

Where Does Self-Confidence Come From?

Working Backwards to Solve a Hard Problem

It’s Not About the Team Dinners

When the Winning Strategy Is Not to Play

When a Team Member Carries Someone Else’s Complaint

Honor the Last Leader

Developing Your 'No' Muscle

Forgetting Is an Essential Skill

When a Conflict Is Intractable

The Command-and-Control Hangover

Are You a Control Freak?

Finding Reasons to Celebrate

Making Your Own Luck

Good Leadership Is Priceless

Avoiding Backhanded Compliments

Be Reluctant to Offer Delicate Feedback

Gaining Buy-In for Decisions

You’ll Think of Something

What Relationships Do I Need to Invest In?

The Affirmative Reprimand

If You Need an Answer Right Now, the Answer Is “No”

The Fear of Missing Out

Should Leaders Seek Certainty or Clarity?

A Tyranny of Niceness

Evaluating Talent on a Bell Curve Has Always Been a Bad Idea

Credibility Depends on a Consistent Style

Never Admonish the Entire Team

Teach Like George Balanchine

Buried in an Avalanche of Helpfulness

Leaders Need Both Dashboards and Scorecards

The Fine Line Between Confidence and Arrogance

No One Washes a Rental Car

Postpone Disagreement About Feedback

Debating Team Priorities

To Listen Better, Try Slow Understanding

No One Will Train Harder Than Me

Overcommunicate Until People Roll Their Eyes

Crushed by Criticism

A Team Roadmap to Catch Up New Team Members

Would You Re-Hire Your Team Members?

Do You Run Away From Conflict?

When a Negotiating Weakness Is Really a Strength

Colleagues Who Perform But Are Toxic Must Go

I’m Not Good at the Workplace Politics

Why Less Competent Peers Get Promoted

Reducing Defensiveness

Study Your Best Performers

Don’t Confuse Personal Development With Performance Evaluation

The Dreaded Meeting After Lunch

When We Ask Others to Sacrifice

Back-Channel Communication Can Be Toxic

Reward Unfairly

Over-Coaching Creates Poor Execution

When Others Don’t Speak Up, It’s About You

Be Generous When It Counts

Stop Telling Other People’s Stories

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Who Are You When the Wind Is in Your Face

Develop a Go-To

The Power of a Fresh Start

The Difference Between a Mentor and a Sponsor

When You Need to Reset Your Thinking

Get on With What You’re Good At

Don’t Waste Your Downtime

Anything for an Edge

Honesty Doesn’t Guarantee Integrity

Talking Politics in the Workplace

Do You Find Passion or Does it Come With You?

The Time Has Come to Work on Your Stage Presence

Give People a Choice Between Two Yeses

Think Big or Go Home

Practice for the Novel Situations

Providing Examples Says You Own the Problem

Avoid the False Negative at All Costs

Should You Create a Learning Culture?

Never Let the Cape Wear You

The Freedom to Be Yourself

The Pleasure of Jotting Things Down

Uncertainty Favors the Status Quo

Avoid Over-Reliance on a Single Source

Upset the Right People With Your Decisions

Launch New Talent

Taste Your Words Before You Spit Them Out

Does Your Email Begin With a Request for Action?

Patience or Stubbornness?

Great to Finally Meet You!

Showcase the Skills and Talents You Do Not Possess

Allow Others to Shadow You

Leaders Are Always a Work in Progress

Seek Commitment, Not Compliance

Exaggeration Makes a Powerful Point

Sparking a Healthy Debate

Restating What Others Should Have Said

I Received the Same Feedback as You

Relax by Doing Something Intense

When People Lie

Sharing a Risk Together Builds Trust

That’s Not My Job

Become a Serial Congratulator

Develop People or Deliver Results

The Push and Pull of Promotion

Cause & Effect Feedback

List the Negatives First

Leaders Clarify the Criteria of Success

Asking Questions Others Want to Ask

Consider a Needs Exchange Instead of Feedback

Leaders Ask a Better Question

Avoid Torturing Your Underperformers

Tracking Potential Must Be Continuous

There’s a Wrong Way to Share Wisdom

The Laziest People Can Be the Hardest Working People

Intense But Not Tense

Am I the Smartest Person in the Room?

How Many Direct Reports Can I Have?

Lead Yourself First

Praise Requires a Tricky Balance

Amplify Your Strengths

Advocates Determine Our Future

Leaders Teach Their Mistakes

Reading the Situation Requires Understanding the Context

The Negative Symbolism of Small Acts

Developing a Thick Skin

All Leaders Are in the Hospitality Business

When Loyalty Becomes a Liability

Decisions Communicate Loudly

Invite Expertise Into the Conversation

Use Data to Inform Decisions, Not Make Them

Too Much Transparency Can Be a Bad Thing

Attribute Your Ideas to Those You Want to Persuade

Creating More Urgency When You Need To

The Need to Be Liked Can Be a Fatal Flaw

A Four-Letter Word to Describe Bad Leaders

Feeling Gratitude Is About Your ‘Get To’

Develop Situational Awareness

Revoke Bad Decisions Publicly

Is That the Best You Can Do?

The Downside of Success

Seek Excellence Not Perfection

Ask Them to Prove It

A Vulnerable Leader Is a Courageous Leader

Experience Can Be Deceiving

Are You Ready for Victory?

Do You Have a Plan B for That?

The Medium Might Be the Problem

Stoke a Healthy Fear of Failure

A Modern-Day Rorschach Test for Teams

Slow Down When Under Pressure

Strong Opinions Held Weakly

Use a Hierarchy of Emphasis

Give the Gift of People

How Can I Do Better?

Spread Messages Redundantly

Don’t Blindly Follow Innovations

Being Effective Beats Being Right

The Trap of Work-Ethic Suspicion

An Exercise to Strengthen Team Understanding

Time Is More Arbitrary Than We Think

Pre-Decide Before a Situation Unravels

Positively Violate Expectations

Leave a Big Wake Behind You

The Sunk Cost Fallacy Applies to People

Available Leaders Remove the Door Locks

Masterful Work Permeates Culture

How Not to Throw Colleagues Under the Bus

Inject New Information Into Troubled Relationships

Show Gratitude in Ways That Don’t Decay

Reject the Trap of Reflected Glory

Express a Palpable Confidence

Keys to Influencing Without Authority

State Weaknesses in the Past Tense

Informal Conversation Is Not Optional

What a Player-Led Team Really Needs

The Artful Creation of Appropriate Distance

Retain Talent With the Glue That Binds

Preach a Reverence for Details

Two Words Will Elevate Your Accomplishments

The Dichotomy Between Truth and Harmony

You Need to Disrupt Team Disrespect

Interruptions Are the Enemy

Real Strategy Beats Parlor Games

Leadership Differs From Management

Old Structures Can Suffocate Execution

Stay in the Question

Defeat Worry in the Everyday

The Situation Never Speaks

Suffer the Rejection Personally

Track Your Incremental Progress

Turn Values Into Everyday Companions

Job One: Restraining Self-Interest

‘Talent Instantly Recognizes Genius’