May 26, 2022·edited May 26, 2022

This article assumes jobs are scarce and moving up w/in a company is the norm - which used to be the cases when the job market was tight.

With the boomer generation starting to retire and remote work becoming the norm, a labor shortage is developing which gives top performers more options. A company that promotes a less-able performer over a top performer to maintain the numbers will soon find themselves w/no performer because they'll have gotten a job somewhere else.

Having written that - training your replacement is always a good idea for upward mobility or for giving you time to learn how to do higher level work. Getting your subordinates promoted to other positions in the company can be used to make a case for a raise or promotion for yourself - or a better job somewhere else.

Peter Zeihan has some good talks on demographic shifts in different countries and what they mean for companies and the workforce.

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