Ha, I love this post. I guess we’ve all been there!

We do need to be careful sometimes however that we aren’t missing a bigger picture that they can see that we can’t.

From our point of view, decisions can seem crazy but they are often having to balance off different priorities or nuance.

And of course, they could have their own moronic boss that is fuelling some of their moronic decisions! Maybe if that’s true you really do need to leave!

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Apr 1, 2023Liked by Admired Leadership

Most of us who have worked for the idiot leader know where the idiocy emanates from. :)

We've talked about the origin and causes of it over far too many colleague lunches.

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Great advice but idiot is such an ugly word. I try not to think about people that way. Puts me in a weird space. I’m not advocating in coming up for another name or anything, just using negative labels tend to effect you more than them (I guarantee you they don’t think of themselves as an idiot).

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True, it isn't an empathy-inducing term.

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