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Very good observations. I found the RACI concept helpful in this context. With RACI you can clearly address and explain who is responsible for what. The acronyms mean:

R = Responsible (for doing something) This can be more than one person; these people actually do the job.

A = Accountable (for the overall thing). This can be only one - and there must be always one person finally accountable.

C = Consulted (about something). That can be many people (asked for their opinion and advice)

I = Informed (about something). Again many people, who just need to be informed.

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I’ve been reading this newsletter long enough to know that you aren’t a fan of command and control leadership. But this one sounds a bit like you’re hanging on to this feature of it.

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I don't feel this lack of accountability during most group projects -- but I definitely have experienced it when leadership is assigned to multiple people.

Maybe that is because leadership and responsibility is already assumed to be (or will be) worked out in assigning a group project?

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