What is procrastination for you?

For leaders, it's typically not laziness or poor time-management skills.

So what is it?

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Your insights on "productive procrastination" have genuinely resonated with me. It's fascinating to see how leaders can fall into this trap, focusing on less critical tasks while appearing busy and efficient. Your observations serve as a crucial reminder for everyone, regardless of their position, to be mindful of their priorities and stay focused on what genuinely matters.

As you mentioned, self-awareness and discipline are key in avoiding the pitfalls of mistaking busyness for true productivity. Your passage encourages readers to reflect on their own habits and to continually reassess their priorities.

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I find at work I procrastinate the most when I don’t have a clearly defined process in place to complete a task. At home, I procrastinate on spending money on major repairs or big vacations. I know the root cause for this and I struggle making any real progress to fix, so I’ve delegated this stuff to my wife who doesn’t have the same issues with money. Teamwork!

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