Talent Density Requires Tough Decisions

Talent attracts talent. Talent density refers to the consolidated talent of the group or team. It goes up when the “right” people join the team and weak performers depart. Talent density goes down when the wrong people leave. 

High performers thrive in any environment where talent density is high. This includes our engagement with world-class partners and other outsiders. Being surrounded by unusually talented people catapults work products to a higher level. High talent brings out the best in other people. 

On the other hand, a team with even one merely adequate or low-performing member diminishes the performance of everyone on the team. We become the average of the colleagues we spend the most time with. Being surrounded by top performers motivates everyone.

Great leaders always strive for talent density. This requires smart decisions about who they hire — and tough decisions about who they push away from the team. How talent-dense is your team?