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This is brilliant - but only if adopted.

It is amazing how profound little behaviors like this can be... but only for people who are ready to implement them.

I know I advocate too much. I know I tend to get defensive too quickly. I know I open my mouth to argue reflexively -- so this suggestion comes at exactly the right time for me.

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Great insights and actionable suggestions. Thank you.

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I have used it and it works like a charm. It is less threatening as when asking direct questions. It has its cons, namely saying it to people who take forever to get to a point. You might need to do a lot of editing of the words coming in :D

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We took a moment to unpack this Field Notes entry in a 15 minute discussion this morning:


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I am currently working through Gregory Hay's translation of Marcus' Meditations. I was reading through the Debts and Lessons chapter last Tuesday after the AL Study session. This one behavior jumped out at me when I read it - Book 1 Debts and Lessons - 16. Antoninus (Stepdad): His searching questions at meetings. A kind of single-mindedness, almost, never content with first impressions, or breaking off the discussion prematurely.

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