Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in an interview process where we employed the strategy mentioned in this blog post, and the results were truly eye-opening. During the interview, we presented a prospective candidate with a complex, real-world problem that our business was facing - one that had left our team at a standstill for quite some time.

As we laid out the problem to the candidate, they listened intently, asked insightful questions to gain a deeper understanding, and then began to brainstorm possible solutions. To our amazement, the interviewee proposed a fantastic idea that our team hadn't considered before. Their fresh perspective and innovative approach not only demonstrated their problem-solving skills and adaptability but also provided us with a potential solution to move forward in our business.

Incorporating this method into our hiring process not only allowed us to assess the candidate's critical thinking, adaptability, and judgment but also helped us derive value from the interaction, regardless of whether or not they were eventually hired. By framing the interview process as an opportunity for mutual learning and problem-solving, we were able to uncover hidden talent and drive innovation within our organization.


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