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I have not experienced this. I am still of the opinion, a leader must know/get to know their people. If they enjoy being recognized in front of the team, great. If not, a handshake, pat on the back, meal, gift card, etc.. will suffice. The late Jack Welch was (I understand he is a controversial business man) known for saying "pay and plaques." I tend to agree. A lot of people have been hit hard with inflation, rent increases, etc... A lot of the better managers/leaders aren't afraid to reach into their own pockets to reward their team. After all who has ensured that leader/manager gets a bonus...?

Thank you for your time.

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Holding people accountable without setting clear expectations and direction or transparent roles and responsibilities is hard. This is something I'm currently focused on with my team. The points you've made here give me an additional layer to consider - how do I ensure that those expectations, roles, and responsibilities are being adhered to in a way that decentralizes the monitoring and measurement? I see the power of positive peer pressure, where a team will hold itself accountable when everything is transparent and openly communicated.

The reluctance to this as a leader, at least for me, is most certainly related to the fear of how different personalities will receive and react to the change. To your point, though, it's not expected to be painless, and those who don't belong will self-select out in the long run if they don't align with a culture of transparency.

Thanks for sharing! This is timely for me.

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