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It really comes down to treating people with dignity. If you can throw respect in while you’re at it, even better. But in the end, it’s a matter of removing that arrogance.


Howard Behar from Starbucks said:

“Arrogance denigrates performance in any organization. People think arrogant, autocratic leadership enhances performance, but it doesn’t. You lose people—good people. There’s no trust. They worry about protecting themselves. So, it’s hard to have a dynamic organization. And turnover is high. People only stay out of fear. If the economy is bad, they may stay, but as soon as it improves, they are gone.”

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I have long maintained that there is a special place in hell for bosses to yell. By “yell,” I don’t mean passionately raise their voice. I mean they commit verbal violence. The only time I can see when such violence is warranted is when the boss yells at someone who is yelling at others. In other words, when the boss must yell to protect others. Otherwise, yelling is just pathetic.


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