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Whereas I could not agree more with your suggestion that awakening with a conscious commitment to come alive to the day as an energy generator (to self and others) is a cornerstone of productivity, creativity, and innovation - I lean away from the implication that such an aliveness needs to show up as a hit the ground “running” kind of energy.

Some of our most luminary leaders in the world begin their days with a regimen of quiet and reflective pause before they dive into the more tactical activities of the day. They choose a consciously easeful entry; they nourish their bodies and minds without the push or crazy pace they know will be present in the day’s demands ahead.

Many meditate or practice some kind of mindfulness • journal/pray • read inspiring content • move their bodies and feed themselves healthy, nourishing foods. There’s nothing fast about it - many such leaders taking 2+ hours each morning to dedicate to this personal preparedness and way of personal sustainability.

This kind of Self-Leadership and Self-Respect practice is what allows them to be the high-level generator of energy for themselves and others. It’s a commitment to being the architect of their day, and a way to answer the question I encourage my clients to ask every morning, “What do I want to come alive in me today?”

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