Success Isn’t Always Measured by Results

Success in life is an impressive feat. We all want to be successful. As we judge our success, it is essential to reflect on where success truly lies. Is it in the result? Or in the struggle?

Professional golfer Johnny Miller won his second major in 1976. And then he got hit with the “yips.” The yips? Golfers dread it. It’s a sudden loss of putting skill. Miller went into a three-year slump and nearly quit in despair.

But then, he made a conscious decision to face the struggle: 

“It’s not what you accomplish in life that really matters, but what you overcome that proves who you are, what you are, and whether you are a champion.” 

By 1980, he was winning again. 

His 1981 season was legendary.

Have you hit a slump? Gotten whacked with the yips? Been tempted to quit? Sounds like it’s time to embrace the struggle. That’s the key to overcoming.