What Are You Not Doing?

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t do that matters most. We live in a world of to-do’s. The advice we receive is full of prescription and action. 

But, what about what we’re not doing? How important is that? 

Consider your family or team. Ask yourself this important question: What am I not doing that is hurting them? Not cheering for others’ success? Not being accountable for my part in negative outcomes? Not suffocating gossip and complaints (before they take hold)? Not doing my fair share of the work? Not being candid when asked for my opinion? Not injecting humor and levity when tension exists? Not listening deeply when others need me to? Not advocating for others when they are right? Not comforting those who need my support? Not accepting my role in the group? Not resolving conflicts that undermine camaraderie? 

We bet you could come up with a pretty long list. Reflect on what you’re not doing. Then, give others what they need from you. Try not to refrain from actions that make a difference.