The Magical Way to Improve Your Team’s Customer Focus

We model what we see. How we act toward others is often a mirror of how others have acted toward us. Is it any wonder, then, that the best customer-focused leaders treat their employees exactly as they want them to treat their best customers and clients? 

You could try imprinting, or imposing, certain values and standards on your customer-facing colleagues. It’s far better, however, to engage those folks exactly as you would want them to engage your customers.

Invest in them, inquire about what matters to them, learn about their preferences, understand what drives their choices, be highly responsive to their calls and messages, show up when they need you, appreciate the problems they face, thank them for the confidence they have in you, listen to them intently. 

When you treat employees the way you want them to treat your best customers and clients, something magical happens. They do.