Reframing Shifts the Vantage

Reframing a perennial challenge is often a much-needed kick in the pants. Changing the way we and others view a situation, experience or idea can have a profound impact on how we approach them. 

Reframing shifts the vantage by which we view an issue and thereby impacts how we address it. When we see an issue as a challenge and not as a problem, we are reframing. When leaders ask a team to see errors as a learning opportunity and not a failure, they are reframing. 

Our own reframing in life matters, as well. Healthier people now think in terms of energy management not time management. And healthspan, not lifespan. 

What frames do you use to view issues and ideas central to your life and leadership? Frames have a tremendous influence on how we approach matters. The best leaders think deeply about these frames and reframe as they lead.