Push Harder

When you next sit down to craft your personal plan and vision and to set some long-term goals, I want you to think of Paul McCartney. Yes, that Paul McCartney. 

Considered one of the best bass players in the history of rock and roll, what he has accomplished in one lifetime is truly inspiring. McCartney has been writing and performing songs since 1956. Not just any songs. Despite having no formal musical education, he has written more hit songs than any other artist. Consider this overlooked fact: McCartney's after-the-Beatles band Wings sold more records than the Beatles did. 

Along the way, he taught himself to play most of the major musical instruments and learned to compose music in every genre, including classical, gospel, reggae, heavy metal and electronic. Through trial and error, he also taught himself how to produce and record music, becoming one of the best mixers in the recording studio. His business genius compelled him to buy up the rights to Beatles music at just the right time, making him a billionaire. He has collaborated with some of the best known musicians in history, and he continues to tour the world at age 79. 

As much as he has accomplished in the music world, perhaps he has had the most influence as an activist, helping to bring vegetarianism into the mainstream. Oh, and he has written two really good children’s books. This is the abbreviated list of his many accomplishments. So, when you sit down to consider how to push yourself to the next level, turn on some McCartney music and consider pushing harder.