Great Leadership Has No Off Switch

In addition to painting, Pablo Picasso was also a sculptor, a printmaker and a theater designer. French artist Henri Matise was a painter and a draughtsman in addition to his work as a printmaker. Painter Marc Chagall also excelled as a glassmaker and a tapestry maker. We see a similar pattern in painter Joan Miró, who demonstrated mastery as a sculptor and a ceramicist.

Artistic genius is never constrained by medium. Great painters, if they are truly great, can express their genius in just about any medium. The same is true for great leaders. Those that are exceptional at relationships are great at relationships in every corner of their lives— with friends, family, colleagues and clients. Leaders who are extraordinary at decision-making make quality decisions in every setting, including at home and with friends. 

The point is simple. We can’t turn off excellence. Great leadership — if it is truly great -- expresses itself across one’s life. Like artistic genius, exceptional leaders can apply their unique brand of genius to all settings and situations. Great leadership is always about the whole person.