Get the Turkeys Out of Your Life

At the end of their careers, many highly successful leaders describe surrounding themselves with good, talented, quality people as the key to their success. If we are to achieve great things in life and in business, they tell us, we need to “collect” people who are better than we are. 

People of good character and who have the talent to add clarity, to whatever is at issue, are not easy to find. But once found, they are to be treasured and kept close for as long as possible. Preferably, for a lifetime. 

Not to be ignored in this quest is the importance of getting away from the turkeys. When referring to people, “turkey” is understood to mean a person who is “inept, stupid or unpleasant.” Getting the turkeys out of your life is of equal importance, as they drag everyone down and make life so much less than it could be. Turkeys waste your time, suck your energy and create drama — all while offering little in return, besides headaches and heartaches. Everyone has a few turkeys who need to be “fired” from their lives.  

Collecting people of talent and quality is a stepping stone. Firing the turkeys gives you the wings to be the best. Turkey, anyone?