Embrace the Absence of Voices

What do fly fishing, skydiving, bicycle trekking, wilderness hiking, sailing, motorcycle riding, scuba diving, meditation and surfing have in common? 

They are the most popular diversions of accomplished, senior leaders across the world. But more importantly, they can all be experienced best in the absence of voices. This is critically important for leaders who need to truly relax, recharge and unwind from the pressures and stresses of leadership. 

For a leader, stress is manifest in people. People and the decisions associated with them are what create tension and stress. While many activities can give us temporary relief from the burdens we carry as leaders, it is activities done in the absence of voices that give us the most relief. Even a few hours in the absence of voices can reboot the mind and allow leaders to take a break from the stress of leadership. 

Consider what activities you might engage in that don’t require voices, including music or the background noise of other people. You’ll find a deep sense of detachment and peacefulness so important for freshness in the daily grind of life and work.