Are You a Great Follower?

Before asking someone if they will follow you, ask yourself first: Would you follow you? 

Think about the qualities you must possess to be worthy of followership. Make a list. Reflect upon whether you strive to display those qualities every day. 

Being competent is essential — but not enough. The same goes for being sincere, authentic, compassionate, skillful at what you do, and thoughtful. Keep adding to the list. What evidence do you offer via your actions to encourage others to follow you? 

Now come full circle and ask yourself how you follow others. What do you do to be a great follower when it is your role to follow and not lead? 

For a leader, especially one who has deep experience leading others, understanding how to follow others is a critical move toward becoming a leader worthy of followership. 

What you do and learn as a great follower is the mirror image of what is required to lead others successfully. Have you proven you are not only worthy of followership, but excel at followership when the opportunity presents itself?